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Purdue University CHP Plant and Boiler Conversion

The project centered on the elimination of a coal boiler at the Wade Power Plant and the installation of a gas turbine combined heat and power system.  Project includes the demolition of Boiler 1, a 215,000 lb/hr coal-fired stoker boiler and the conversion of Boiler 2, also a 215,000 lb/hr unit, from coal to natural gas.  This conversion will require the removal of the coal burning equipment and the installation of new natural gas-fired burners.  A natural gas-fired nominal 6.5 MW combustion turbine generator (Solar Taurus 65) with heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) including natural gas duct firing and supporting auxiliary equipment will be installed in the location vacated by Boiler 1.

The new gas turbine will be installed on the main boiler house operating floor with the HRSG mounted high in the building where the coal delivery and storage system was previously located.  A new natural gas supply system with a booster gas compressor will be located outside the building adjacent to the gas turbine installation.

All work and utility tie-ins must be accomplished while maintaining operation of the remainder of the power plant.  Phased construction will include the removal of asbestos containing materials and hazardous paint followed by demolition of Boiler 1 and the coal handling portion of Boiler 2.  The construction sequence will be coordinated to minimize the effect on the operation of the remaining facility.