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Boiler MACT Planning and Conceptual Design

This project developed conceptual engineering of AQCS options to support client’s decision-making for control of existing coal-fired boiler emissions to meet the Boiler MACT regulations. 

This client currently operates multiple stoker boilers that fire high sulfur bituminous coal.  Stanley Consultants developed an emission profile and evaluated emission control options for the six existing stoker boilers.  Control technologies evaluated included Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) for NO2, reagent injection for mercury and dioxins, wet or dry scrubbing for acid gases, and modifications to the baghouse for particulate.

In order to integrate the existing baghouses into the conceptual design,  Stanley Consultants performed conceptual equipment sizing for the inclusion of additional ID booster fans located downstream of the baghouses to make sure of negative pressure in the existing baghouses.

Additionally, extra solid waste disposal rates were evaluated for consideration in operation and maintenance costs.  This project also included conceptual reconfiguration of the existing baghouse to accommodate a CFB scrubber addition.