Emissions Reduction Key in Power Plant Design

Emissions reductions and lessening the environmental footprint were key considerations when Stanley Consultants designed a new coal fired power plant for City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri.  The $555 million, 300mw plant is equipped with state-of-the-art emissions reductions technology, including:

  • Urea-based Selective Catalytic Converter for NOx emission control
  • Activated Carbon Injection for mercury emissions control
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed and Dry Scrubber for SO2 and acid gas emission control
  • Baghouse for particulate emission control

The plant was designed with technology to minimize dust generation including engineered hood-and-spoon chutes, passive and active dust mitigation equipment, and fabric filter dust collectors for PRB coal with explosion protection per NFPA 68.   It also has dust collection systems for the coal crusher building (10,000 cfm), the coal silos (10,000 cfm), and reclaim system (14,000 cfm).  Dust collection systems were also supplied for the existing rail car dumper and existing transfer building for the Unit 1 stack out system.

Treated municipal wastewater is used for cooling water makeup and wet flue gas desulfurization sprays, saving approximately five million gallons per day of water that would otherwise have been supplied from underground aquifers. 

Stanley Consultants served as design engineer for the project and provided preliminary and detailed design of the entire plant, cost estimating, scheduling, resident engineering services during construction, startup services, and performance testing.