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Birdland Levee - Flood Control and Recreation

Stanley Consultants provided engineering services in support of the Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study for improvements to the Des Moines, Iowa, metropolitan flood control system. Stanley Consultants was responsible for the development of preliminary design and cost estimates for construction of the mile-long Birdland reach on the east side of the Des Moines river, about one mile upstream of downtown.

Made necessary by damage incurred during the 1993 floods, the Birdland Levee Improvements Study and Design included improvements for 8,000 feet of levee along the northeast bank of the Des Moines River. The project included 1,300 feet of a new flood wall designed with steel sheet piling and reinforced concrete. Other improvements included raising the crest, providing a paved bike path along part of the crest, straightening the alignment where a former breach was eliminated, stabilizing the slopes by reducing the gradient, and providing protection from erosion and scour.

 "Dan Miller and team of professionals submitted a supurb design report for the Birdland Levee System in Des Moines, Iowa.  Dan and Jon Garton, were very responsive to Corps of Engineers requirements for this project.  In addition to a full design analysis with multiple disciplines, Stanley Consultants was able to communicate and answer questions in order to integrate environmental and real estate studies into their report and allow Corps professionals to accomplish their work on time.  It was a pleasure working with Stanley Consultants and their team of professionals during this project".

ACASS Rating - Exceptional