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Renovated Chapel Serves Multiple Faiths

Stanley Consultants was selected to design innovative improvements for the llinois' Scott Air Force Base vintage chapel to make it comfortable for multiple faiths worshiping in the same chapel.

A number of enterprising techniques were used to fill the unique needs of multiple faiths worshiping in the same chapel.  A motorized track system displays one of four faith icons suspended above the altar in an open portal circle.  The remaining faith icons are concealed behind a wall.  The push of a button quickly converts the chapel from one faith to another.

The different atmosphere of each faith was also given consideration.  Some are heavily weighted for musical participation, while others have theatrical presentations.  To meet all requirements the altar area was designed with different microphone and music inputs with wireless microphone capabilities.  Pre-set sound system settings for each faith is programmed into the sound system.

To improve access the chapel was rotated 180 degrees to provide a more traditional entry into the facility.  Other renovations include remodeled and new classrooms, offices and kitchen; utilities upgrade; fire protection; additional parking and landscaping.