Climate Change Raises New Risk

A significant Stanley Consultants project is once again in the news surrounding a question on climate changeand if inland bridges are too low.  In 2008, Stanley Consultants provided structural and electrical engineering design services for the Riverwalk Railway Bridge.  This 500-foot long, six-span, steel truss bridge was retrofitted with 20,000 pounds of new structural steel framing to support a pedestrian walkway to a overlook at the center of the bridge.  Although at the time of the restoration the walking surface was raised above the 500-year level, the bridge was recently raised an additional four feet.

Are Inland Bridges too Low?

Published by ABC News, June 6, 2017

A century-old train trestle stands as one of the trophies of Des Moines' push to spruce up its downtown. Bicyclists and pedestrians pose for pictures beside the brightly painted beams of the Red Bridge and gather on viewing platforms overlooking the Des Moines River.

But little more than a decade after it was restored, crews went back to the site with a crane to hoist the span 4? feet (1.4 meters) higher, at a cost of $3 million, after experts concluded that the river's flooding risk was nearly double earlier estimates. Climate change was likely to blame.

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