Reviewing the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet Canal Closure

Stanley Consultants was selected by Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure to perform Independent Technical Reviews for the Gulf Intercostal Waterway (GIWW) Sector gate structure, the MRGO canal closure structure and connecting floodwalls.  The GIWW is a 150-foot wide navigation pass, supported by a concrete monolith, built within a sheet pile-braced cofferdam and founded on pre-cast concrete piles.  Prefabricated steel sector gates are either lifted or floated into place as part of Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IHNC) Surge Barrier design-build project.

This project consisted of a surge barrier to protect New Orleans and adjacent areas from hurricane storm surges coming from the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Borgne.  The surge barrier included concrete floodwall with navigation gates where the barrier crosses the GIWW and Bayou Bienvenue.  Tasks included the detailed independent review of the proposed project design basis report, design calculations, and design plans for conformance to COE requirements and the unique project needs.