Battling the Complexity of Designing Government Facilities

Consulting-Specifying-Engineer-12-2016.PNGThe government can be a tough customer, and the projects that state, municipal, federal, and military entities approach engineers about are highly complex.

Here, engineers with experience tackling such tall orders offer advice regarding sustainable buildings/energy efficiency, including Allen Poppe, PE, MBA, Principal Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical & Chemical Group, Manager, Stanley Consultants, Muscatine, Iowa.

CSE: Energy efficiency and sustainability are often requests from building owners. What net zero energy and/or high-performance systems have you recently specified on government, state, municipal, federal, and military facilities (either an existing building or new construction)?

Poppe: Our designs have included DOAS, VRF systems, water-source heat pumps, magnetic bearing chillers, and chilled beams.

CSE: What types of renewable or alternative energy systems have you recently specified to provide power for such projects? This may include photovoltaics, wind turbines, etc. Describe the challenges and solutions.

Poppe: UFC 1-200-02 includes a requirement for domestic hot-water solar heating. We have implemented these systems for military facilities in Texas, Hawaii, and Japan. These systems are a good solution for barracks with high service-water heating loads. We have a Department of Energy project under design that includes PV. While these systems are costly, there are significant LEED points available for EA Credit 2 Renewable Energy and EA Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance.

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