Stanley Consultants Selected to Design University of Iowa West Campus Energy Plant

The University of Iowa has selected Stanley Consultants to design a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant.  The West Campus Energy Plant will provide steam for heating, cooling, to buildings primarily on the west side of campus as well as other hospital services.  The new plant will be connected into the existing campus-wide heating and electrical system and will also provide important redundancy for campus facilities in the event of flood, grid failure, or other adverse event.

A combined heat and power (CHP) plant can simultaneously produce electricity and heat from a single fuel source.  The University’s new CHP facility will be fueled with 100 percent natural gas with future potential to burn renewable fuels.  It will initially be equipped with one natural gas boiler capable of delivering 150 klbs/hr steam, with the design allowing room for expansion to 300 klbs/hr with a second unit.  A steam turbine generator will take high pressure steam from the boiler, reduce the pressure for distribution to campus, and produce approximately 5.5 MW of electricity.  A natural gas reciprocating engine will produce approximately 2 MW of additional backup electrical generation.  The facility will have space for a second steam turbine generator to be matched to the second boiler.  In addition there will be space for one more 2 MW reciprocating engine and two more 4 MW reciprocating engines.

The new plant will supplement utility services provided by the University’s main power plant, located along the Iowa River on Burlington Street.  It also opens the door for future growth options outside of the Iowa River flood plain and near the university’s hospital complex and research facilities.

The existing utility distribution systems serving the West Campus will be upgraded and new direct buried, redundant steam and condensate lines to serve the new facility will be installed.

Design of the first phase is already under way and will be completed in 2016.  The construction cost for this first phase is estimated to be $75 million.  Construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2016 and last two years.

Stanley Consultants, the owner’s engineer for the project, has provided design services to the University of Iowa for over 60 years.  The firm is known for its extensive power plant design portfolio and is currently designing plants for the University of Alaska and the Dominican Republic.


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