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Looking back on 32 years at Stanley Consultants, Ed Slattery views his career as a major factor in shaping who he is. He considers his membership in the Stanley family right out of college as one of the defining "moments" in his life.

"I have been blessed with an exciting mix of challenging work assignments, wonderful people to work with and exotic places to travel," he said. "I have made lifelong friendships with co-workers and clients. I have experienced and shared monumental personal events in my life within the walls of Stanley Consultants, such as my wife coming to the 6th floor of the Laurel Building to tell me she was pregnant with our first child; and receiving a call at my desk at 11:00 one morning from my sister-in-law saying my brother was killed in a car crash."

Slattery said he had been treated professionally and fairly at Stanley Consultants and has been lucky enough to have had tremendous mentors who have taught him the value of hard work and respect for those he comes into contact with.

"I have worked on dream assignments and some not so dreamy," he said. "I believe in a small way I have contributed to the well-being of humankind and the environment. As a result, career and life are woven tightly together to form who I am."

Slattery concluded by noting he could list any number of memorable moments - they tend to accumulate over the years - but they would represent only specific events taken out of context and not define the real value and meaning of spending a career at Stanley Consultants.

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