100th Anniversary

The goal of our 100th Anniversary pages is to describe the rich history of Stanley Consultants from 1913 to 2013.

Our colorful past and bright future are a tribute to the company's clients, members, and our value system.  While the faces and names have changed over the years, our members have consistently demonstrated a commitment to client service and professional excellence.  This has allowed the company to flourish and earn an exceptional reputation in the consulting engineering profession.

For a company from modest beginning, we have extended our reach worldwide, meeting the needs of our members and clients by diversifying our services and markets.  We are proud of our consistent adherence to our Core Values and the member-oriented culture of our company, both of which have more to do with the past and future success of the company than any one individual. 

“Few consulting engineering firms have a history as long as ours.  More often than not, they fade away or are acquired by other firms as the founding principals retire or leave the practice.  Our continuity demonstrates that we have been able to manage leadership and ownership transitions while holding firm to fundamental values of excellence in client service and recognition that our people are our most important asset.”

Dick Stanley

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