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Stanley Consultants and GoAigua Form Partnership to Deliver Digital Water Solutions

September 30, 2021

Denver – Stanley Consultants, a worldwide provider of consulting engineering services, and water technology company GoAigua announced a strategic partnership to help water utilities leverage technology to meet today’s challenges of renewing aging infrastructure and increasing resiliency and efficiency. 

Water utilities and agencies are managing through the challenges of an aging infrastructure, a mature and retiring workforce, climate variability, increasing scrutiny of operations by their customers and the ability to fund needed improvements for expected service levels. 

“Our strategic partnership combines Stanley Consultants’ infrastructure expertise with GoAigua’s utility-derived data analytics solutions to optimize assets and operations, saving money for our customers,” said Stanley Consultants CEO Kate Harris. “Together we will advance our shared passion for leveraging technology to conserve resources for the future of our planet, while delivering an exceptional customer experience.” 

GoAigua recently introduced its smart water platform to the U.S. market. GoAigua was started by Global Omnium, a major European water utility based in Valencia, Spain. The company has helped hundreds of cities in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa navigate their water digital transformation and be prepared to evolve with the internet of things machine-to-machine learning revolution.  

“GoAigua has developed a data integration system and solution-specific modules at a reasonable pricepoint, making the adoption of smarter water utility management readily accessible to small and medium sized utilities,” said GoAigua U.S. subsidiary CEO Pablo Calabuig. 

GoAigua’s algorithm-driven platform processes real-time and historical information from SCADAs, GIS, ERP, AMI, CMMS, IoT sensors and other key systems of the utility to improve operational efficiency and capital expenditure. The company says it has produced non-revenue water reduction by 40 percent for customers, while improving operations and maintenance by 20 percent. Major improvements also were experienced in customer experience and CO2 emissions.  

Stanley Consultants has over 100 years of experience planning, designing, and managing the construction of water, water resources and wastewater capital projects and providing operations consulting and advisement support.   


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