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Asset Management

Stanley Consultants is leading the digital asset management transformation, helping clients get better results and maximizing asset performance.

Our Approach

Whole-Life Asset Performance Planning

With our cutting-edge digital capabilities and extensive asset knowledge, Stanley Consultants helps clients better prioritize rehabilitation and maintenance, reduce risk and make smart investment decisions for everything from roads and bridges to water systems. Our detailed, whole-life services minimize the cost of owning and operating assets, while also maximizing performance and value to make them more resilient.

Business Solutions

Asset Management

Asset management is a cornerstone to engineering the future. Our solutions help infrastructure investments last longer and work more efficiently to save clients money and increase sustainability.

Engineering & Design

Engineering and design is at the heart of everything we do. Our approach centers on robust core competencies and continuously evolving technical skills to remain at the forefront of our field.

Engineering Planning & Consulting

We understand that planning and consulting touch every aspect of engineering. Utilizing advanced technologies and data, our solutions support longevity, resiliency and productivity.

Environmental & Regulatory

Our holistic solutions help clients adapt to and protect the changing environment and regulatory paradigm. We work to avoid serious consequences in the future by taking proactive steps today.

Program Management

At Stanley Consultants, we bring more than 200 areas of engineering and architectural expertise to program management, ensuring a high level of care and attention to detail.

Project Management

With a foundation in proven methods and procedures, we deliver successful project results by planning, organizing and coordinating every element of design and construction processes.

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