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Stanley Consultants offers an array of integrated capabilities and services to meet and conquer today’s industrial challenges.


Effective Strategies for Modern Industrial Operations

Industrial engineering requires the ability to understand complex processes and develop integrated systems that span everything from people to equipment. Stanley Consultants has a deep well of industrial expertise to take on the challenges faced by today’s operators. We embrace sustainability and renewable energy to develop efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly operations prepared for the road ahead. At the same time, we’re committed to maintaining the highest standards for industrial safety, productivity and quality.

Building Integrated Capabilities Prepared for the Future

Cogeneration Engineering & Design

We’re working toward a more sustainable future, using cogeneration engineering to produce heat and electricity simultaneously from a single energy source.

Environmental Compliance

Sustainable solutions must enhance the natural environment. We work tirelessly to protect the planet, human health and meet critical compliance requirements.

Industrial Water

Today’s water environment is challenging, driving the critical necessity of proper water management at every industrial site.

Power Generation

Our power generation solutions are resilient and efficient, designing systems focused on meeting continuous production and carbon reduction demands.


We're committed to delivering solutions that utilize renewable sources of energy including wind power, hydropower, solar, biomass, battery storage and more.

Wastewater Treatment

With stricter regulatory compliance, we minimize risks by reducing and controlling waste through recycling, disposal and reduction solutions.


Work With The Experts at Stanley Consultants

Our team has a wealth of experience across all disciplines to meet specific engineering needs of industrial projects. We can handle everything from environmental and regulatory permitting to final plant commissioning. Stanley Consultants will work to understand your unique challenges and help ensure optimum, sustainable efficiency that’s equipped for the future. Learn more about our team and what we can do to enhance your operations.

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Chad Daniel

Energy Business Development Lead

E: P: 515-447-4411
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Mark Freeman

Transportation Business Development Lead

E: P: 801-824-1260

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