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Sustainability and the Role of Industrial Wastewater Reuse

August 18, 2023

Industrial wastewater treatment has evolved from merely meeting regulatory requirements to being a sustainable development and conservation tool. At Stanley Consultants, we are on the leading edge of this transformation, leveraging advanced water treatment technologies to help industries recycle and reuse wastewater. Read on to learn more about the potential of wastewater reuse and recycling in an industrial setting.

The Advantages of Industrial Water Recycling and Reuse

Water recycling and reuse is an actionable strategy that can yield tangible business benefits. By integrating this sustainable approach into their operations, industries can realize several significant advantages that span financial, environmental and regulatory concerns.

Cost Efficiency

One of the most compelling arguments for industrial water recycling and reuse is its potential for direct cost savings. Managing and disposing of industrial wastewater can be expensive, especially when dealing with complex pollutants. Industries can drastically cut water procurement costs by treating and reusing wastewater on-site. Advanced water treatment technologies can also enable reuse in previously untenable ways, further contributing to cost efficiencies.

Environmental Responsibility

Every ounce of water recycled and reused is an ounce of reduced freshwater demand. With growing concerns about water scarcity worldwide, these slight changes create a ripple effect when implemented across many industries. Businesses that recycle and reuse water lessen their impact on local water resources and contribute to conserving essential ecosystems. On the opposite end of the water life cycle, treating wastewater can prevent the discharge of harmful pollutants into the environment to protect local plants and wildlife.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations surrounding industrial wastewater disposal have become increasingly strict worldwide. However, industries can meet or exceed most regulations by adopting effective wastewater recycling and reuse strategies. In addition to reducing the risk of noncompliance penalties, enacting these measures can increase a company’s reputation in the eyes of the broader community.

Increased Operational Flexibility

With a robust wastewater recycling program, industries rely less on external water supplies. This flexibility can open up new opportunities and is especially beneficial in areas with water scarcity or frequent droughts. Additionally, these policies can help businesses maintain a competitive advantage by creating less volatile operations amid challenging environmental conditions.

Unleashing the Potential of Wastewater: Industrial Applications and Government Initiatives

From power generation to food and beverage production, various industries we work with are integrating wastewater recycling into their operations. We assist these industries in using treated water for many purposes, including cooling, boiler feed water and process water.

Recognizing the importance of water conservation, government agencies are increasingly encouraging and incentivizing industrial water recycling. At Stanley Consultants, we support organizations as they navigate regulatory guidelines to promote sustainable business practices.

Industrial Water and Sustainability Experience

Bringing water sustainability concepts to life requires careful planning, detailed design and meticulous execution. At Stanley Consultants, we’ve successfully championed projects that showcase the viability and benefits of wastewater recycling and reuse in industrial settings. Here’s a closer look at two of those projects.

New Technology Recommendations Ramp Up Treatment

Stanley Consultants worked with Texas A&M University to assess their wastewater treatment plant challenges. Stanley engineers recommended replacing equipment to improve the safety and efficiency of the plant’s anaerobic digester biogas handling.

The selected solution was to implement mainstream suspended air floatation (SAF®) clarification, trademarked by Heron Innovators. This next-generation process creates a floc using coagulants and polymer and floats solids with bubbles charged with a surfactant. Instead of dropping to the tank bottom and collecting, the high-strength waste floats off the surface.  

These advancements will improve the facility’s overall reliability and resiliency, allowing the plant to meet its current effluent permit requirements sustainably.

Offsite Pumping to Meet NPDES Compliance 

Stanley Consultants recently worked with an international healthcare corporation aiming to reach sustainability goals and meet NPDES compliance. Their current onsite facility was creating issues with chlorides and total dissolved solids from their water softeners. 

Stanley prepared a study to define a solution for this issue. Stanley engineers recommended connecting to a public treatment facility to avoid the cost of more advanced onsite treatment. Stanley Consultants then provided engineering design services to tie into the municipal system. A duplex submersible wastewater pumping station was installed along with a pipeline to transport waste to the offsite facility. 

Partner With Stanley Consultants for Sustainable Industrial Water Management

By leveraging advanced water treatment technologies and developing innovative processes, the safe and efficient reuse of industrial water is possible. As industries worldwide strive to minimize their environmental impacts and ensure their longevity, the reuse and recycling of wastewater has become a necessary strategy.

At Stanley Consultants, we are committed to leading this journey toward more sustainable industrial water management. Through our specialized consulting services, we help industries adopt more efficient and environmentally-friendly practices to shape a future where business and the environment can coexist.

Contact us today to discover the difference Stanley Consultants can make in your industrial water management. You can also search for a local partner near you. Together, we can create a sustainable and efficient future.

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