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Water & Wastewater Utilities

Stanley Consultants helps develop and sustain the world’s supply of clean water to preserve and protect one of our most valuable natural resources.


Providing Safe Access and Effective Water Treatment

Water is a natural resource we can’t live without. That’s why Stanley Consultants believes when it comes to water there can be no compromise. We’re dedicated to engineering the most advanced ways to clean, control and conserve this resource. Through effective and efficient treatment of stormwater and wastewater, we provide access to safe, abundant water supplies. This approach both safeguards human health and the environment, while also optimizing availability and improving the quality of life for the communities we serve.

About Stanley

Clean Water for Our Communities

Digital Water

Using big data, hydraulic modeling and digital twin technology, our digital water solutions help clients optimize resource usage and operate at peak efficiency.

Environmental Compliance

Sustainable solutions must enhance the natural environment. We work tirelessly to protect the planet, human health and meet critical compliance requirements.

Industrial Water

Today’s water environment is challenging, driving the critical necessity of proper water management at every industrial site.

Performance Management

Our team understands water systems must be both safe and efficient. We help clients extend the life of their assets, enhance performance and lower operating costs.

Resiliency & Sustainability

Modern engineering solutions mean planning for the demands of the future. We put a priority on resiliency and sustainability, creating long-term value for clients and communities.

Wastewater Treatment

With stricter regulatory compliance, we minimize risks by reducing and controlling waste through recycling, disposal and reduction solutions.

Water Quality

We navigate the complex guidelines and ever-changing regulations for water quality to deliver reliable, safe water sources communities can count on.

Water Resources

We partner with clients to manage water sources and assess current infrastructure to create sustainable, cost-effective solutions.


Work With The Experts at Stanley Consultants

Our experienced water and wastewater team works with clients to navigate constantly evolving regulations, identify new water sources and address infrastructure to determine the most cost-effective solutions. This approach helps manage assets better, extend their life and lower operating costs. Learn more about the Stanley Consultants team and what we will bring to your project.

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Mark Freeman

Transportation Business Development Lead

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