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Environmental Compliance

Stanley Consultants provides a holistic project approach that integrates environmental planning and compliance with hands-on engineering.


Detailed Planning to Keep Facilities in Compliance

Stanley Consultants has subject matter experts in air, water and waste who have the experience to help you maintain compliance with a world of rapidly changing environmental requirements. Our capabilities extend from regulatory compliance and permitting assistance to system design and integration of environmental control systems. This enables us to couple compliance and design efforts, integrating environmental considerations into the engineering design, which reduces the potential for compliance surprises and streamlines the overall project development phase.


We have been a leader in environmental services at state and national levels. We have long-term and productive working relationships with federal and state regulators, which facilitates reviews and approvals when required. Our project teams also consider the integration of available tools such as data collection templates, 3D models and database development when designing specific compliance solutions. This allows us to provide clients with a comprehensive package of services and the strategic vision necessary to keep your facilities in compliance with the regulatory landscape, often in advance of new regulations.

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More Environmental & Regulatory Solutions

Climate Adaptation

Through Resilient Analytics, a Stanley Consultants Company, we provide data-driven insights that help clients understand, mitigate and manage climate risk.

Digital Water

Using big data, hydraulic modeling and digital twin technology, our digital water solutions help clients optimize resource usage and operate at peak efficiency.

Environmental Site Assessments

In conducting environmental site assessments, we’ll help understand the condition of a property, determine potential hazards or concerns and develop solutions to solve them.

Nutrient Reduction

The influx of nutrients into natural environments can have devastating impacts. We help clients develop sustainable solutions to protect the planet’s resources.


We're committed to delivering solutions that utilize renewable sources of energy including wind power, hydropower, solar, biomass, battery storage and more.

Stormwater Management

We provide clients with comprehensive industrial stormwater management solutions that naturally and cost-effectively address potential issues before they become more serious.

Wastewater Treatment

With stricter regulatory compliance, we minimize risks by reducing and controlling waste through recycling, disposal and reduction solutions.

Water Quality

We navigate the complex guidelines and ever-changing regulations for water quality to deliver reliable, safe water sources communities can count on.

Water Resources

We partner with clients to manage water sources and assess current infrastructure to create sustainable, cost-effective solutions.


Markets Served by Stanley Consultants

Education & Healthcare

Using the latest advances in design, materials and technologies, Stanley Consultants delivers sustainable solutions ideally suited to the needs of higher education and healthcare.

Energy and Utilities Consulting

Stanley Consultants delivers clean, efficient solutions for energy resiliency and sustainability to meet continuous production demands and compliance requirements.

Federal Government Consulting

Stanley Consultants understands federal agencies must adapt to evolving, complex challenges. We’re here to listen, collaborate and provide innovative, forward-thinking engineering consulting solutions.


Stanley Consultants offers an array of integrated capabilities and services to meet and conquer today’s industrial challenges.

State & Local Government Consulting

At Stanley Consultants, we help build local communities with innovative engineering consulting solutions that provide the resources needed for sustainable, productive growth.


Our transportation planning consulting service balances economic, social and environmental priorities to help clients develop safe and reliable transportation planning.

Water & Wastewater Utilities

Stanley Consultants helps develop and sustain the world’s supply of clean water to preserve and protect one of our most valuable natural resources.

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