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How Stanley Consultants Uses Compliance Engineering to Support Clients

April 19, 2023


Large-scale projects require significant amounts of planning, regardless of the engineering discipline. Each new plan presents unique challenges in the form of laws and regulations that must be adhered to for ensuring a safe, reliable and legal finished product.

At Stanley Consultants, we understand the critical importance of compliance. It’s built into the work we do every day, in every market we serve. Read on to learn more about the practice of compliance engineering and how our services help our clients not only meet but exceed their project’s essential standards.

What is Compliance Engineering?

Compliance engineering describes the processes used to meet the various standards and guidelines set by government organizations, professional standards makers and industrial regulators. To establish compliance, a wide range of details must be considered from the beginning of a project through its completion. From site assessments and permitting to project, design, development and execution, having a broad base of experience allows engineers to provide proper compliance consulting, regardless of the nature of the project.

Due to the ever-changing nature of laws and regulations, professional training is an ongoing process. The engineers, architects and scientists at Stanley Consultants must comply with numerous – and sometimes conflicting – codes and guidelines. Fortunately, our team works tirelessly to understand changing standards and meet those demands. Such an emphasis on engineering compliance allows for better oversight of a project, avoiding undue delays and streamlining project development.

How Stanley Consultants Focuses on Compliance Engineering

As a multidisciplinary engineering firm, Stanley Consultants has distinct advantages when it comes to engineering compliance. For one, our 100+ years of experience has allowed us to develop long-standing, productive relationships with federal, state and local regulators. This means efficient reviews and approvals as required, simplifying the process for our clients and helping meet critical timelines.

Beyond those relationships, we take a people-first approach to compliance engineering. We’re an industry leader in compliance solution consulting because the human side of our business is bolstered by unmatched expertise and a commitment to integrity. Our proactive approach to collaborating with regulators consistently yields superior outcomes for our clients. Our engineers and architects are licensed, and our scientists are highly trained on core scientific principles. We are proud of our adherence to professional codes across the board.

Working across a diverse range of markets, hundreds of different codes could apply to any given project or solution. These are just a few examples of how we help our clients comply with these complex codes and regulations:

  • Military installations affected by federal, state and local regulations.

  • Environmental compliance engineering with manufacturers and utilities who need a plan for stormwater treatment, hazardous chemical treatment or air quality treatment.

  • Transportation agencies building roads and bridges that must meet local safety standards.

Compliance Engineering by Markets Served: Our Work in Action

Stanley Consultants has worked with countless partners throughout the United States, and compliance engineering is key to building those lasting, trusted relationships. With a forward-thinking approach, we help clients avoid serious consequences in the future. The following projects demonstrate how our team can deliver compliance consulting on your specific needs.

Kent Lake Park Restoration - Iowa

Since its construction in 1968, Kent Lake Park had seen significant degradation in water quality. Our team was brought in to change that. With the removal of more than 100,000 cubic yards of silt, the lake has been transformed to one of the cleanest in Iowa. Our compliance engineers provided consulting services that helped the Johnson County Conservation Board navigate changing regulations to bridge the gap between effective solutions and environmental protections.

Grim Hotel Brownfield Restoration - Texas

Texarkana’s Hotel Grim was a landmark in the community for 65 years before closing its doors in 1990. Due to the complicated environmental and regulatory conditions surrounding the building as a result of lead paint, asbestos and other contaminants, it took nearly three decades for the city to begin reviving the defunct icon.

Only with the help of Stanley Consultants and compliance engineering was the seemingly insurmountable task of restoration able to take place. By leveraging our expertise, the city was able to secure the environmental cleanup grants necessary to transform the structure into affordable downtown housing.

Muscatine Organic Waste Recycling Center - Iowa

Efficient recycling isn’t a straightforward process, which is why the Muscatine Organic Waste Recycling Center hired Stanley Consultants as the prime consultant and engineering firm responsible for the design and development of their new facility. This award-winning process separates food waste from packaging, and became one of only three municipally owned facilities in the United States capable of that task.

Compliance engineers helped to secure permits, develop thorough assessments and oversee the construction process. The City of Muscatine hopes to one day produce enough methane at the facility to power vehicles and supplement the fluctuating energy needs of the power grid.

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