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Hanes Brands Study


Hanes Brands

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Planning & Consulting


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About the Project

Major manufacturer analyzes international climate risk

Resilient Analytics, a Stanley Consultants company, evaluated risk factors for Hanes Brands manufacturing, distribution and primary supplier locations. With 120 locations spread geographically across the globe, the organization was vulnerable to multiple climate change impacts. For this study, Resilient Analytics evaluated a set of six potential impacts: energy demand from increased cooling, building impact from extreme precipitation, worker health impact from extreme heat, water supply interruption from drought, site access impact from transportation interruptions and worker health impacts from increased disease vectors. The study found that all locations studied will have increased risk within the next decade. The result of this study was a shift in operational focus for the organization to ensure that facilities at the greatest risk received additional maintenance funding as well as additional operational analysis for redundancy planning and interruption planning.

By The Numbers

  • 120

    Global Locations Studied.


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