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Stanley Consultants in the Community

March 22, 2024

Stanley Consultants members outside the Muscatine, Iowa, office

At Stanley Consultants, our work makes us an industry-leading global engineering firm. At the same time, we recognize our work is one aspect of fulfilling our purpose of improving lives in the communities where we live and work. That's why we integrate corporate community engagement and corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the foundation of our company culture. 

Read on to explore how our focus on social equity and justice manifests in the actions of our team members and positively impacts our communities every day.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We pride ourselves on balancing business operations with our ecological and social responsibilities. Our approach to CSR goes beyond compliance and into our core mission, where we actively consider community well-being and client sustainability goals in all our work.


Our view of CSR is rooted in environmental sustainability. Our environmental stewardship involves more than just policy decisions. Instead, they're deeply held beliefs that guide our actions to create a connected, sustainable and enriched world for all. From implementing renewable energy sources and environmentally conscious methodologies into our projects, sustainability plays a role in everything we do. We're committed to leaving a positive, lasting impact on the planet and human safety.

Charitable Efforts

Our commitment to charitable efforts runs parallel to our sustainability initiatives. Whether volunteering at schools, adopting highways or lending skills and talents to local organizations, we know that, to change the world, we must first strengthen the communities around us.

We actively engage in charitable donation campaigns with a focus on causes that resonate with our team members and align with our core values. Our involvement is diverse, reflecting our belief in the power of philanthropy to drive meaningful change where it’s needed. The Stanley Consultants Charitable Foundation, funded by the company’s profits, has given millions of dollars to support national and local causes, and we've also distributed student scholarships to support the next generation of leaders in our industry and communities.

Employee Engagement in Community Service

Giving back is an essential part of life at Stanley Consultants. True corporate responsibility involves empowering team members to make a difference in their own communities in ways they find most meaningful. From educational outreach to environmental stewardship, our team members make tangible changes in the world around them and embody our company’s dedication to social responsibility and commitment to doing the right thing.

Volunteering and Philanthropy

Corporate volunteering is an important aspect of our employee engagement. Our team members participate in various activities that underscore the dedication we have to our communities.

Some impactful work we’ve done recently includes:

  • The Sixth Annual "Great Bowls of Fire" Chili Cook-Off and Food Drive that successfully raised money for the Integrate Family Community Services Food Bank in Colorado.

  • The City of Centennial's Adopt-a-Street Program, where team members and their partners from our Denver office conduct bi-annual street cleanups to help keep local streets looking their best.

  • Collecting Socks for "The Bridge," a non-profit organization that helps teenagers and families in crisis by providing critically needed socks to the unhoused population in the areas near our Minneapolis office.

These are just a few of the many initiatives that celebrate individual contributions and foster a culture of philanthropy within the organization. We work together at every level of our company to create a better world.

Empowering Interns and Young Professionals

At Stanley Consultants, we support the growth of our interns and young professionals by combining professional development with community service. Our team gets real-world experience and the chance to make a difference for causes they care about. This approach helps everyone grow both on the job and as members of the community.

Our summer 2023 intern event in Muscatine, Iowa, is a great example of this approach in action. Interns came together to build and donate bikes to the Salvation Army. This project was about more than teamwork—it showed our commitment to helping others, a core value at Stanley Consultants.

Our philosophy resonates with our team. Over 90% of our interns at Stanley Consultants move on to full-time roles with the company. Part of this ongoing success can be attributed to our People First culture and shared commitment to creating a connected, sustainable and enriched world for all.

Deepening Community Ties

Our community involvement extends past volunteering and donations. We engage in long-term projects that sustainably impact the communities we serve, from improving infrastructure to conserving the environment.

We encourage team members to align their passions with professional responsibilities, fostering a deeper connection with the communities where they live and work. By combining professional expertise with heartfelt social commitments, we create meaningful connections that benefit both our projects and the communities they impact to help define what makes Stanley Consultants a great place to work.

Join Us as We Improve Lives

Our commitment to community involvement is a never-ending pursuit marked by continuous dedication and improvement. As we look to the future, our commitment to corporate social responsibility, social equity and justice, and fostering an inclusive environment remains unwavering.

We invite individuals who share these values to explore a career with us. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning your career, there's a place for you here, in a company where corporate community engagement is a way of life.

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