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Colorado Springs Utilities Aeroderivative Gas Facilities


Colorado Springs Utilities

Project Type:

Engineering & Design


Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Utilities Drake Natural Gas Plant

About the Project

Stanley Consultants assisting utility push for carbon reduction

Colorado Springs Utilities is taking steps to achieve an 80 percent reduction in carbon by 2030. As part of that initiative, Stanley Consultants is designing natural gas generation to enable retirement of the coal-fired Drake power plant while maintaining electric reliability. As the utility completes modernization of its power delivery system in parallel, these natural gas units will be placed into service backing up new renewable generation assets and ensuring clean and reliable power for its customers.

By The Numbers

  • 80

    Program goal: 80 percent carbon reduction, 2030


Engineering & Design

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Environmental & Regulatory

At Stanley Consultants, our talented team of scientists and engineers is focused on helping clients adapt to evolving regulations and finding solutions to protect the changing environment.

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