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UT San Antonio Plant Rebuild

Project Overview


The University of Texas

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Engineering & Design


San Antonio

About the Project

UT San Antonio plant rebuilt while operating

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s North Thermal Energy Plant supplies primary heating and cooling for the main campus. Built in 1973, many of its components had come to the end of service life, and the campus’ growing need for steam was higher than the plant’s two boilers could produce. The university’s utility staff commissioned a series of studies that culminated in a 10-year plan to rebuild and reboot the North plant to increase steam generation capacity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The master plan called for five major projects that comprised the rebuilding program. Stanley Consultants authored the master plan and provided program management and design for all phases. The phases were an upgraded electrical feeder and switchgear; demolishing an engine generator to make room for the addition of Boiler No. 3 and new deaerator system; replacing the motor control centers for the chilled and condensed water pumps; replacing Boiler Nos. 1 and 2 and legacy piping replacement and finally, incoming switchgear replacement. Complicated as it was to rebuild a thermal energy plant while being fully operational, the combined team successfully completed the program.


Engineering & Design

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