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Grocery Chain Climate Impact Assessment


Confidential Grocery Chain

Project Type:

Environmental & Regulatory


United States

Key Takeaways

Temperatures Challenging Dairy Production

Temperatures are challenging food distributors to keep production schedules at dairy locations.

A Multi-Million Dollar Investment

Adaptation to climate change exceeds $10 million at many locations for additional cooling.

Transportation Raises New Concerns

Increased interruptions are challenging delivery schedules of perishable foods by truck and air.

About the Project

Driving resilience in grocery chains through climate adaptation analysis and insights

Grocery chains face impacts from climate change both in their retail locations and in their operational units such as warehouses and dairy facilities. Both types of units are susceptible to temperature increases, grid reliability, extreme event interruptions and extreme storms. As such, these locations require climate analysis to determine appropriate adaptations prior to impacts.

Resilient Analytics was the physical risk consultant in this effort with the responsibility to analyze potential impacts to national locations. Of particular interest was the potential for extreme events and grid reliability at each location. The national brand needed to get a clearer picture of what locations and facilities required system upgrades to adapt to potential impacts.

Resilient Analytics analyzed extreme events that were projected in each region of operations. The team worked with the client to develop specific risk thresholds to set levels of risk for each location. The team set separate conditions for retail, warehousing and processing locations. Each location and function were then compared against short-term and mid-term projections.


Environmental & Regulatory

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