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Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization Resiliency Toolkit


Hillsborough County

Project Type:

State & Local Government


Hillsborough County, Florida

Key Takeaways

Multiple Resiliency Scenarios Required

The resiliency toolkit included various solutions to address multiple coastal climate threats.

Transportation at Greatest Risk for Failure

Road networks are at risk from multiple climate impacts and require commensurate adaptations.

Need for Redundancy

Reliance on a single road or single resiliency approach will place populations at risk.

About the Project

Resilient Analytics provides climate adaptation options for coastal transportation systems

Transportation systems in coastal cities are vulnerable to a broad range of climate threats including coastal erosion, flooding, temperature variances and extreme storm events. In response, cities must develop a range of resiliency options, or toolkit, that can be applied to future projects, as well as the rehabilitation of existing projects. The Hillsborough toolkit effort focused on achieving this objective.

Resilient Analytics was the climate consultant in this effort to determine adaptation options for multiple road design scenarios. Challenges including coastal erosion, inland flooding, surface erosion, and high temperature effects were all part of the study. Resilient Analytics was tasked with developing options for each scenario that gave multiple price points and resiliency options that could be used for future planning.

Resilient Analytics developed a set of scenarios across six road types that covered each of the primary threats envisioned in the Hillsborough area over the next 20 years. The team developed a toolkit that provided multiple engineering-based options for each of the prototype scenarios. For each scenario, cost implications and development constraints were included to provide a full set of scenario parameters.



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