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Water Resource Analysis for Services Company


Confidential Services Company

Project Type:

Environmental & Regulatory


United States

Key Takeaways

Water Supply Impacting Public Sites

The potential reduction in water supply is threatening the ability to service national parks and stadiums.

A Multi-Million Dollar Investment

The lack of water requires investment in new technologies that reduce the need for water.

Supply Will Continue to Fall

The climate projections indicate that supply will continue to fall over the next few decades.

About the Project

Resilient Analytics assessing water risks at major venues

Water resource availability and stability is critical for service operations at large venues. A services company requires stable water supplies to maintain the functionality of its cleaning, food service and hospitality processes. The objective for this organization was to understand the potential risks to strategic water resources at major venues throughout North America.

Resilient Analytics was the physical risk consultant in this effort with the responsibility to analyze drought conditions for a portfolio of locations. The team was tasked with delivering a water risk assessment for each location in both 2030 and 2050 under mid-range and high emissions scenarios. Each risk assessment was required to integrate with the client's financial reporting requirements.

Resilient Analytics utilized its large-scale inventory techniques to analyze each location for drought risks under the multiple scenarios and time slices. The team developed enhanced drought functions to determine potential increases and decreases in available water supply at each location. The team delivered drought risk assessments for each site and within financial reporting requirements.


Environmental & Regulatory

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