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Enduring, Evolving Bases: Mission Accomplished

Every military installation has unique requirements that change continuously. These changes are reactions to world events, new weapon systems, base consolidation and other strategic initiatives. How does an installation evolve to support the legacy mission as well as provide flexibility for emerging missions?

Master planning allows stakeholders to assess facilities and address deficiencies in an economically feasible, phased manner. A well-executed plan leads to “Mission Accomplished,” today and in the future.

Actionable Planning

Planning is not solely defined by studies and artistic renderings. A master plan must be creative, but also incorporate the critical elements of a design to prove feasibility. Stanley Consultants’ depth of expertise, skilled application of technology and extensive experience is applied to:

MP-Icons.png From Saudi Arabia and United Emirates to the United States, Stanley Consultants masters planners anticipate the future to make installations mission-ready today and tomorrow.
MP-Icons.png More than ever, military bases are concerned about the environment and sustainability of operations and meeting all federal regulations.
MP-Icons.png Life cycle asset identification and management is critical to mission success.
MP-Icons.png Today’s base can have all the advantages of smart city planning.
MP-Icons.png Installations have a major impact on their neighbors and environment. Effective encroachment management helps them fit into the big picture.
MP-Icons.png Custom tailored design and planning for specific conditions and constraint in various geological and weather conditions is critical to mission success.
MP-Icons.png From asset storage to effective runways, hangars, taxiways and arming-de-arming pads, Stanley Consultants planners give you plans that work, today and tomorrow, for the most efficient and effective air operations.
MP-Icons.png Military bases need to stand on their own, hardened against enemies and natural disasters, for power generation, effective water and storm water management.
MP-Icons.png Master planning is essential to making energy savings and renewable energy work.

We provide the technology and subject matter experts to achieve the best products and tailored solutions. These include:

MP-Icons.png We collect and analyze major sources of data to plan your mission-ready base
MP-Icons.png Our design charrettes are an art, not a process. We accomplish the highest level of design through effective communication management techniques.
MP-Icons.png We create stunning visual and technical models and visualizations of your program or project using all of the latest tools from BIM, Revit and many other software programs.
MP-Icons.png Military bases need to stand on their own, hardened against enemies and natural disasters, for power generation, effective water and storm water management.

Master Planning Solutions

Stanley Consultants has a record of success providing our diverse clients with executable and resilient plans. We deliver solutions regardless of scale and context.

Stanley Consultants' wide range of professional master planning solutions include:

MP-Icons.png U.S. and foreign militaries are challenged to update installations to support changing mission requirements, technology advancements and national security priorities. Our expertise and understanding of military regulations, directives and host nation requirements.
MP-Icons.png Our risk assessment plans mitigate risk caused by site encroachments. Our data-driven approach outlines proactive measures to reduce operational risk, mission disruptions and costs.
MP-Icons.png Smart city concepts such as safety and security, operational efficiency, resiliency, incorporating renewable and distributed energy and monitoring real-time adjustments all support military objectives.
MP-Icons.png Climate change, natural disasters, power and other infrastructure disruptions impact installation resiliency. Our resiliency plans help our clients prepare for and recover from events, minimizing operational disruptions and unnecessary recovery costs.
MP-Icons.png Energy and water usage audits and identifying outdated facilities and equipment save money through targeted investments and system improvements towards achieving net-zero energy benefits.
MP-Icons.png Environmental considerations are a significant factor in all projects. Stanley Consultants provides an array of environmental services. Our team of experts conduct assessments that identifies environmental impacts, then incorporates proven engineering design solutions.
MP-Icons.png Great ideas are only as good as they are understood. We use planning charrettes, interactive apps, 3D visualization tools to assess conditions, examine options, build consensus and deliver solutions. Our deliverables are versatile, dynamic and user-friendly to facilitate effective communication to a varied audience.


Master Planning Services

Stanley Consultants offers a variety of master planning services to meet your needs.

MP-Icons.png Real Property Master Plans, Installation Development Plans, Area Development Plans, Adaptive Reuse-Space Planning, Asset Management, Installation Energy and Water Net Zero Plans, UFC 4-010-01, DD 1391, DD 1354 and Joint Land Use Studies
MP-Icons.png Smart City IQ Test, Smart City Blueprint, Capital Planning, Smart Cities As-a-Service
MP-Icons.png Risk Management, Resiliency Plans, Mission Sustainment and Encroachment Management
MP-Icons.png EIS, NEPA, 404 Permitting and Low-Impact Development
MP-Icons.png GIS Mapping and Data Collection, SDSFIE Compliance, Asset Management, Remote Sensing, Land Surveying and Utility Modeling
MP-Icons.png Illustrative Plans, 3D Visualization Models, 3D Animation, Virtual Reality Walk-Thru and 3D Scanning
MP-Icons.png Charrettes, Large Program Management, Value Engineering, Subject Matter Expert