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Whimsical Spray Park is Valued Neighborhood Feature

Located on a plateau with outstanding panoramic views and framed by the foothills and Standley Lake, Five Parks brings a collection of neighborhoods together into a cohesive suburban community.  Stanley Consultants' design of this award-winning development is rooted in connectivity, linking the community both internally and externally to the larger context.  Trails and pathways wind through the open space and park system connecting five parks that are designed to support the adjacent neighborhood resident profile, then pass through the centrally-placed Five Parks Town Center and into the various recreational components located throughout.

Within Five Parks, Leyden Park features a pool complex and community center, complete with a whimsical spray park.  The spray park features fun spray jets in different form and bright colors and is a popular summertime draw for the surrounding neighborhoods.  Different pools cater to various age groups, including a tot swim area separated from the adult pool.