2011 - 2012

18000-SW-2-Power-Plant-29-Apr-11-019.jpgJOHN TWITTY ENERGY CENTER UNIT 2
Stanley Consultants was retained by City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri to plan, design, and provide construction services for a 300 megawatt coal-fired unit.  The $700 million John Twitty Energy Center operates with a pulverized coal steam generator and steam turbine.   Equipped with state-of-the-art emissions reduction technology, it ranks among the nations’ cleanest 25 percent and operates well below the permissible limits established by state and federal laws.  The project, #18000, won multiple design awards. 

A critical water main relocation was the enabling project for the $6.6 billion O’Hare International Airport modernization project in Chicago, Illinois.  The 90-inch pressurized water main lay directly under the proposed path of the runway expansion.  The team of Stanley Consultants and T.D. Williamson was selected to stabilize, hot tap, and divert the water main while pipeline was being constructed around the proposed runway.

Stanley Consultants designed a thrust block restraining collar that absorbed the internal and external forces, transferring all loads from the hot tap and the pressurized pipe into the ground by use of 10 large diameter caissons tied together with a concrete cradle and steel tube framing.  Once the pipe was tapped and the bypass was operating, the new 90-inch water main was connected and switched over without incident.  The pipe size and design water pressure within the pipe, combined with the social and economic impacts made this a one-of-a-kind project.  Using the hot tap process over the next best alternative resulted in a savings of $80 million.  This project, #18285, won several awards.

18324-Limited-Site-Area-Challenging-Design-Element-Final-Photo.jpgWORLD’S LARGEST REVERSE OSMOSIS DESALINATION PLANT
Stanley Consultants was selected by Orascom Construction Industries as the prime designer for this private desalination reverse-osmosis potable water plant in Algeria.  The largest of its kind in the world, the project, #18324, can provide up to 53 million gallons of potable water to the capital city of Algiers.

The scope of work included taking the conceptual process, building, and site design and providing equipment/project material-specific construction level design detailing.  Support systems designed from concept through detailed design included package wastewater system, fire pump house, site sanitary, storm, and water systems, as well as site gas, telecommunications and roads.  The project was designed using 3D graphics.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers formed Task Force Guardian to restore New Orleans’ flood protection system to pre-disaster levels.  Damage assessment reports indicated 220 miles of the hurricane protection system was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  Task Force Guardian managed 59 construction projects undertaken by 26 contractors.  The successful $800 million effort included 2.3 miles of new floodwall, 22.7 miles of new levees, 195 miles of scour repair, three interim gate closure structures, and four closure structure repairs.  The work was completed by June 1, 2006, the beginning of the next hurricane season.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers asked Stanley Consultants to serve as program Manager of Task Force Guardian.  The team looked beyond the 59 individual projects to maintain a “big picture” perspective of the mission, analyzing progress, identifying trends, anticipating needs, and producing reports and presentations for the government’s decision makers and the general public.  The project, #18734, won multiple awards.

18830-Embria-Health-Sciences-Frontal-View-with-Sign-RESIZED.jpgMULTI-PURPOSE INDUSTRIAL FACILITY
Stanley Consultants designed a new facility, #18830, for Embria Health Services to be a multi-purpose facility to serve as a corporate headquarters, manufacturing plant, product warehouse, and packing gallery.  Diamond V Mills, Inc., the parent company of Embria Health Sciences, contracted with Stanley Consultants to design a safe, clean facility for its newest subsidiary.   The $11 million facility is located in Ankeny, Iowa.

Stanley Consultants provided engineering design services for the new Integrated District Cooling Plant (IDCP), which serves the cooling needs for the Pearl of Qatar, an island near Doha.  At 130,000 tons, the IDCP is the world's largest district cooling plant with at least twice the capacity of the next largest chiller plant in the Middle East.

The nominal 130,000 chilled water plant distributes chilled water from a central plant to individual buildings via a network of underground pipes.  It has a guaranteed capacity of 125,000 tons using 23 pair of 2,500 nominal electric motor-driven centrifugal chillers.  A district chilled water plant of this size has an unquenchable thirst for water.  To compensate, the IDCP is one of the first district chiller plants in the region to be equipped with a desalination plant.  The project, # 19272, won several design awards.

Incorporating never-before-used techniques, four total bridge replacements were performed on Interstate 80 at Mountain Delle and Lambs Canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah.  Stanley Consultants and Wadsworth Construction Brothers Construction teamed up to remove and replace four bridges in just 37 hours using accelerated bridge construction (ABC).  The pre-constructed bridges were built atop the same framework supports used to move the bridges into place. 

This project marks the first time four complete bridge superstructures were removed and replaced in less than two days.  In fact, the eastbound replacements were completed in sixteen hours, which is the fastest known bridge replacement for two structures in North America.  The client, the Utah Department of Transportation, estimates that the use of ABC techniques on the project saved 180,000 hours of delays or $2.5 million in delay costs based on current traffic volume.  The project, #20381, received an honor award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Utah.

In the fall of 2007, Stanley Consultants was selected to stake over 160 miles of new distribution lines as part of a $10 million project to repair facilities damaged by severe ice and snow storms.  The construction includes single- and three-phase lines throughout Bremer, Butler, Chickasaw, and Floyd Counties in Iowa.  During the staking project the air temperature was below -10 degrees and winds above 15 miles per hour.  The lowest air temperature during the operation was -28 degrees.