This Boise, Idaho project, #20896, is a highly visible and integral part of the city's transportation system that moves people and goods to and from the airport as well as east and west on I-84. Stanley Consultants provided preliminary and final design, with plans and specifications delivered in nine months. The project included construction of the state's first Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) and involved the redesign of two busy intersections. The project received an Excellence in Transportation award from the Idaho Transportation Department and an Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement award from the Southern Idaho American Society of Civil Engineers.

Stanley Consultants was retained by the City of Glendale to provide Program Management services for Camelback Ranch Stadium in Arizona. The massive project, #21000, sped from design and construction to opening day in just 19 months. Engineers used BIM to identify, correct, or minimize potential design and field conflict prior to start of construction. The project was a great success. The Cactus League broke its single game attendance record twice within the first five days the stadium was open, attracting 13,046 fans – more than filling its 13,000 person capacity.

University of Iowa OREP Central Chilled Water PlantUNIVERSITY OF IOWA TRI-GENERATION PLANT
Stanley Consultants was hired by the University of Iowa to design a centralized utility plant to provide the campus facilities with a tri-generation facility of heating water, chilled water and power. Phase one consisted of installing two 1.4 MW gas-fired engine generators with a waste heat recovery system. The engines are capable of burning either natural gas or biogas to be supplied from a landfill. Heat from the generator's cooling system and exhaust system is captured and used to supply high temperature hot water for heating the new campus facilities. Phase two included constructing a central chilled water plant in a new building adjacent to the existing power plant. This plant contains a high efficiency centrifugal chiller that chills water to 45 degrees and then distributes the water through an underground piping system to new campus buildings.

Stanley Consultants was retained by Perini Corporation as the lead design firm and coordinator for the complete removal and replacement the South Runway at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. The project, #21550, included demolition and reconstruction of the existing 11,185 feet by 200 feet runway with full (PCC) pavement; repairs and tie-ins to existing taxiway intersections; removal and replacement of degraded airfield lighting; and arresting gear realignment and reconstruction. The project won several design awards.

A study provided by Stanley Consultants recommended an inflatable dam to protect the City of Waverly, Iowa, from future flooding. Unfortunately, funding could not be secured until a catastrophic 500-year flood in 2008 devastated the town. The new dam, designed by Stanley Consultants and completed in 2011, has a fully automatic gated spillway that maintains a set water level elevation and automatically adjusts as needed to changing flow rates. The "crest" gates were installed over the entire length of the former uncontrolled spillway and are "hinged" at the bottom to allow full operation, thus controlling discharge and pool level. The project, #21737, won multiple design awards.

Stanley Consultants is providing engineering design services to the City of Las Vegas to repair flood control facilities including storm drain systems, detention basin low-level outlet structures, flood control channels, maintenance access locations, and sediment removal. In addition, the company is rewriting the emergency action plans for detention basins located within the city limits. The contract for this project, #22230, covers the period 2009-2014 and has the potential value of $800,000. The project enables the Las Vegas office to strengthen its relationship with a valued client.

Celery Fields Post ConstructionRESTORING CELERY FIELDS
Until the late 1980s, celery and other row crops was grown in Celery Fields in Sarasota County, Florida. Decades of fertilizer use eventually caused arsenic levels to increase. While naturally occurring, arsenic is poisonous to people, and when Sarasota County decided to restore the Celery Fields, it was discovered that the arsenic levels exceeded the maximum allowed limit.

The goal of the $7.2 million Celery Field Regional Stormwater Facility expansion project, #22239, was to provide flood protection, wetland restoration habitat, passive recreation, additional flood plain storage, and treatment for more than 3,600 acres of stormwater runoff. Stanley Consultants was responsible for administering the construction contract and providing construction engineering and inspection services. The project won several awards including a national environmental award.

Located on the banks of the Mississippi in Davenport, Iowa, Modern Woodmen Park is extremely vulnerable to flooding. City of Davenport asked Stanley Consultants for a permanent solution to protect the stadium and keep ball in play during flooding.

The solution was an 800-foot-long removable floodwall that consists of aluminum panels 10 feet long by 4 inches wide by 8 inches tall that can be erected to a height of 8 feet. Stackable panels fit between aluminum columns on 10 foot centers which bolt into stainless steel baseplates. A permanent approach and removable bridge provide pedestrian access to the stadium during flooding. When used together the floodwall and removable bridge protect the stadium and allow spectator access to the ballpark. This allows Modern Woodmen Park to co-exist with Mother Nature and continue to play ball during a flood. The removable flood protection system is one of the three longest installations of its type in North America, and the project #22909, has won multiple awards.

Lee County retained Stanley Consultants to perform a study, Project #23548, to address the transportation needs for planned and committed development near Alico Road in Lee County, Florida. The two-mile study area is a key component of the Alico Road Research Diamond and Florida Gulf Coast University region, which will create 10,000 new jobs in the region. Study recommendations included creating a multimodal corridor by replacing an existing two-lane roadway with an interim four-lane divided and ultimate six-lane divided corridor with sustainable features to promote transit, bicycle, and pedestrian travel modes.

Stanley Consultants was selected by the City of Las Vegas to provide pre-design and final design for the Rancho Drive Pedestrian, Transit, and Traffic Improvement project (#23629). This project includes design of approximately three miles of arterial roadway improvements to an existing thoroughfare using the "complete street" concept. It added a fourth lane in each direction to provide a transit/bicycle shared lane, ten-foot wide sidewalks, and landscape amenities. This project was completed in 18 months.

Stanley Consultants provided the engineering and detailed design for an engineering, procurement, and construction team for this major environmental project. The project is located at the Empire District Electric Company's coal-fired Asbury Power Plant near Joplin, Missouri. The project, #23631, includes retrofitting the 206 MW Unit 1 with state-of-the-art pollution controls including a CFB dry scrubber, pulse-jet fabric filter, powdered activated carbon handling and injection system, and continuous monitoring technology. Balance-of-plant work includes a new 465-foot chimney, induced draft fan, ductwork modifications, and conversion of the boiler from pressurized draft to balanced draft operation. The scheduled commercial operation date for the new air emissions project is February 2015. Project construction cost is estimated to be more than $100 million.