Larry Osborn

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Larry Osborn tells anybody who will listen that he "was born and raised a Stanley man." A native Iowan, Osborn's grandfather was involved with Max Stanley in Boy Scouting, and that relationship got Don Osborn, Larry's father, his job at Stanley Consultants.

Don Osborn grew up in the Great Depression. He fought in World War II as a Forward Scout in the Battle of the Bulge. The senior Osborn came back and graduated from Iowa State University along with many other GIs. Upon graduation, he wanted to interview with Stanley Engineering. At the interview, Max Stanley saw Don Osborn's name on a list of prospective applicants. He yelled out "Don Osborn, are you Ned's boy?" Osborn said yes, and the rest is history.

Don Osborn was often gone when Larry was growing up, working on Stanley Consultants projects in West Africa and the Philippines. Don Osborn battled Alzheimer's for many years. Just before he passed away, Larry and his brother took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant. He told them he would be dead in two weeks but said "Don't worry about it, I have done everything I ever dreamed about doing and much more. Through engineering I have helped to make the world a better place." As Larry Osborn thought back to that day, "that is what engineering is all about. All the roads, dams, bridges, treatment plants, power plants and many other projects on which we work have made the world a better place. As Don foretold his two sons, he passed away two weeks later."

Larry Osborn's career with Stanley Consultants has taken him to industrial projects all over North America, including the Union Carbide plant in West Virginia and the U.S. Steel mill in Lorain, Ohio. Osborn has always found the many field trips very interesting because it allows him to see firsthand what Stanley Consultants trying to change. He also has found it satisfying to see a project after it is constructed to better appreciate the impact it will have on others.



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