Northwestern University Project Wins Historic Preservation Award

September 4, 2012

Northwestern University has received an Historic Preservation award from the Evanston Preservation Commission for the 1 Northwestern Place Intersection and Emergency Access Improvements project.  The project won in the Sensitive Additional/Alteration category, which recognizes successfully integration of an additional or alteration within an architectural style and complements an historic area.  

Stanley Consultants designed the project, which consisted of improvements to a parking lot and access to historic buildings.  The alterations improved aesthetics with additional landscaping and green space, architectural improvements and decorative lighting that enhanced the overall area.  The project replaced paved surface with walkways, green space and bicycle facilities.  It incorporated landscaping and architectural improvements to integrate parking spaces, drop off areas and loading zones. 

The historic preservation commission lauded the physical changes inherent in the construction projects as well as the ability to tastefully blend the alterations with existing buildings and spaces through the use of landscaping and environmental considerations. 

Stanley Consultants worked closely with Northwestern University and the City of Evanston to reconfigure the parking lot near Garrett, as the project will culminate in the implementation of a new traffic signal at the lot's entrance. Fire lanes, driveways and sidewalks were restructured, and new lighting, security cameras, emergency phones and landscaping have been implemented and a traffic light is being installed.

Follow this link for more information on this project.