Ethics and Business Conduct

“Basic honesty and trustworthiness are the most precious characteristics that any individual or organization can possess. We have long enjoyed the reputation for integrity.  Let us prize it and guard it zealously.” - C. Maxwell Stanley (1952)

Stanley Consultants is committed to maintaining ethical business practices in everything we do. It is no accident that Stanley Consultants enjoys a solid reputation for excellence and fairness in our business dealings; we have worked at it diligently.  Maintaining our reputation is critical to preserving our position as a socially responsible corporate citizen. Our commitment to ethics is shared in our company mission statement and core values. 

Standards of Conduct
High standards of honesty, integrity and respect for the law are essential to assure the proper performance of the company’s worldwide business. The company insists on integrity in all business relationships.

Reporting Concerns
Our management is responsible for establishing an atmosphere in which members are expected to report misconduct, and does so with an open door policy.

Ethics Hotline
The Stanley Consultants Ethics Line was established to show our commitment to promote and maintain ethical behavior in the workplace, provide a mechanism for reporting ethical misconduct and allow the company to react quickly to resolve unethical concerns. Stanley Consultants’ members, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and partners may utilize the global website to anonymously report suspected misconduct. Alternatively, a toll-free number 888.234.1467 is available in the United States to file a verbal report of suspected misconduct.