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Stanley Consultants: Your Premier Partner for Energy Advisory and Development Services

June 7, 2024

Are you looking for a seasoned energy partner to help you navigate the complex world of energy projects? Stanley Consultants is your ideal choice. With a distinguished history spanning over a century, we are recognized leaders in the utilities and infrastructure markets.

Our experienced energy consultants cater to a diverse clientele, including investors, developers, independent power producers, investor-owned utilities, electric cooperatives, municipal electrics, industrials, institutions, all levels of government and builders. We provide a full spectrum of energy services tailored to plan, develop, permit, design, transact, procure, commission and manage your capital energy projects effectively. At Stanley Consultants, we pride ourselves on being more than just professional service providers; we are a dedicated extension of your team, committed to achieving your project goals.

Understanding Advisory and Development Services

At Stanley Consultants, we focus on providing tailored solutions that align with clients’ specific needs and objectives. We provide comprehensive advisory and development services for utility companies, government agencies, and private firms. Our offerings include planning, development, transactional support, and energy compliance services. Our services promote project success from conception to completion.

If you’re preparing for your next project, here are some key factors to consider as you prepare. We’ve also included examples of recent successful campus energy projects that have utilized our advisory services to great success.

Planning and Development: The Cornerstones of Success

Engineering planning is the foundation of our services at Stanley Consultants. We excel in utility master planning, helping clients navigate uncertainties in energy demands and technology advancements. This forward-thinking approach enables clients to achieve long-term sustainability and efficiency in utility management. Our development phase is equally robust, offering services like site analysis, land acquisition and environmental assessments. These services are crucial for clients to make informed decisions and move projects forward effectively and efficiently.

Transactional and Compliance Expertise

We have extensive experience in transactional and energy compliance services. Our team provides invaluable services for clients looking to acquire or sell energy assets. Our comprehensive independent engineering assessments thoroughly evaluate all technical, environmental and operational considerations, offering clients a clear picture of their investments. Our energy compliance experience around environmental and permit reporting allows projects to meet and maintain adherence to regulatory standards. This approach supports sustainable and compliant operations.

Campus Energy Advisory Case Studies

At Stanley Consultants, we specialize in guiding campus energy clients toward achieving their project objectives. Explore how we have collaborated with diverse clients and seamlessly integrated our services to help them accomplish their goals.

Owners Technical Advisor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

As the university’s public-private partnership (P3) technical advisor, Stanley Consultants played a pivotal role in advancing Worcester Polytechnic Institute's campus utility projects, which seek to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Our engagement involved providing guidance to WPI relating to their goal of transitioning from traditional natural gas boilers to a sustainable mix of combined heat and power systems, geo-exchange systems and solar energy integration.

To-date, our renewable energy consultants have verified sustainable initiatives, reviewed agreements and advised on scope adjustments. As the project matures, we will also leverage our extensive experience with campus energy project to provide design review.

Green Energy Planning and Innovation at a University of North Carolina Campus

A confidential investment firm and banking syndication engaged Stanley Consultants for an independent engineering assessment of a campus carbon-free, greenfield District Energy System (DES). Our task was to scrutinize the technical and commercial facets of the DES, which encompassed a central plant, geo-exchange heating and cooling, rooftop solar and onsite wind turbines. This system will support a new Innovation District which includes a new research-driven academic multistory building, as well as a multi-building housing development for university faculty and staff.

Our comprehensive assessment covered technical designs, resource evaluations, project participant roles, contractual agreements and a review of the financial model underpinning the long-term utility agreement. Our renewable energy consultants' contributions aimed to ensure the DES effectively supplied cooling, heating and electricity to the innovation district, aligning with the university’s vision for sustainable and efficient energy solutions. Stanley Consultants is continuing to support the client with monthly reviews and assessments of payment applications throughout the construction and startup of the DES.

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Stanley Consultants is more than just a consulting firm—we are a partner that clients can rely on to achieve their operational and financial goals. With a commitment to safety, service and excellence, we continue to lead the way in engineering solutions that solve today’s challenges and pave the way for a sustainable future.

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