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Iraqi Damage Assessment for Operation Provide Comfort

Stanley Consultants conducted an assessment study for Operation Provide Comfort to determine the extent of damages in the Northern Iraqi Governorates of Dohuk, Irbil and Sulaymaniyah.

As a part of the region's Kurdish depopulation, the Iraqi government destroyed water wells, spring boxes, houses, and farm structures.  In the early '80s the Central Iraqi government destroyed almost 4,500 traditional Kurdish villages.

In support of Operation Provide Comfort, Stanley Consultants inspected existing water systems, various village housing areas, and grain storage needs.  Meetings were held with local government officials and various non-government organizations involved in providing aid.  An assessment study, which included recommendations for water system improvements, housing development, and grain storage, was prepared.  

With damaged water wells and the poor status of drilling equipment, recommendations were prepared to support the identification of new well locations and the purchase of well drilling equipment and spare parts.

Housing options, including manufactured shelters and traditional Kurdish housing, were evaluated.  Cost, time requirements, material availability, and cultural acceptability of the shelters were also considered.  Upon completion of the evaluation, traditional Kurdish housing was recommended.  Stanley Consultants provided complete engineering and architectural report services to support the resettlement efforts.