Retro-Commissioning for a More Sustainable U.S. Navy

Stanley Consultants was contracted by the U.S. Navy NAVFAC Atlantic division to perform a retro-commissioning study of 58 of its buildings covering approximately five million square feet.  This effort is in support of their initiatives for a more sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly future.  

Stanley Consultants performed condition assessments on major building systems and their components for the U.S. Navy to include:

  • Building automation systems
  • Cooling system
  • Heating systems
  • Fire safety/smoke purge aspects of the HVAC system
  • Lighting systems
  • Domestic hot water equipment
  • Humidity control equipment
  • Building pressurization controls

Condition assessments were used to determine the remaining useful life for each system component.  Stanley Consultants provided a plan for each building that included options for bundling other Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) to lower the project's simple payback and increase energy savings.  Each option included project costs, energy savings, Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR), Simple Payback and the recommendation for future implementation.

In addition, a Life Cycle Cost Analysis, DD1391 and detailed scope of work for implementation/construction phase of the project was provided.