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Stanley Consultants internship program wins consecutive Campus Forward award in 2024

February 6, 2024

Centennial, Colo. – Global engineering consulting firm Stanley Consultants has won a 2024 Campus Forward award for its national internship program, sponsored by the recruiting firm RippleMatch. This is the second consecutive year that Stanley Consultants has been chosen for this honor. 

Stanley competed with its peers in the small early career category of up to 85 interns on a series of judging standards that included standout candidate experience, impactful internship programs and multi-faceted and thoughtful approaches to university recruitment. In a detailed application process, companies shared their approach to early career recruitment, use of technology, internship programming and equitable hiring practices.  

The Stanley program has been designed to bring together young professionals with senior principal engineers, employing a mentorship program, a young professional buddy system, and ambitious goal setting, measurement and career aspirations. 

Lisa Nourse, talent acquisition manager, noted that 90 percent of Stanley Consultants’ interns transitioned to full-time jobs in the first year of the program. Since then, the number of program participants has doubled, with exciting expansion plans going forward.  

“We provide all our interns with an active, hands-on internship. We want the experience to be personable, fun and highly interactive,” Nourse said. “At the same time, we understand the need to support them in real career goals. This involves assessing skills and providing meaningful project opportunities that include participating in client meetings and contributing to project outputs and success.”  

Emily Kramer met Stanley Consultants at the University of Minnesota fall career fair. Kramer was initially cautious, having been warned by classmates who had disappointing internship experiences at other companies. 

Now a full-time engineer-in-training and geotechnical specialist, Kramer said, “Two things convinced me to join Stanley Consultants. The first was the impactful work I did as an intern. I was involved with design work on a meaningful project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, rather than just doing busy work. The scale of the project was hard to believe, and I actively contributed to a real client solution. The second was meeting my fellow interns in-person and interacting with people from all over the company. Everyone was so different and senior leadership was very engaged in the program.”  

Nourse said the architecture-engineering consulting industry faces competition for scarce talent in the job market and that “strong internships programs not only help Stanley shape the workforce of the future but also ensure that smart young talent can contribute in meaningful ways.”


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