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Stanley Consultants Iowa Watershed Revitalization Project Wins National Environmental Excellence Award

April 20, 2022

In a case of turning a public health threat into a thriving, state-of-the-art lake park, the Kent Park
Watershed and Lake Restoration, designed by Stanley Consultants, garnered a national environmental



The Oxford, Iowa, lake park recovery project won a national honor award in the 2022 Excellence in
Environmental Engineering and Science Awards Competition, organized by the American Academy of
Environmental Engineers and Scientists. Competing in the small project category judged by an
independent expert panel, the award criteria is for engineering practices that incorporate a “holistic
environmental perspective, innovation, proven performance and customer satisfaction, and contribution to

an improved quality of life and economic efficiency.”


Kent Park’s iconic 27-acre lake had become highly degraded due to an influx of sediment, nutrients and
bacteria from its 687-acre watershed. The park landed on the state’s impaired waters list. Swimming was
banned because of E. coli bacteria. Fish kills from oxygen-depleted water conditions related to algae
blooms were common. Nutrients such as algae- inducing phosphates and chemical pollutants washed
into the lake during storms because the park, designed in 1968, was meant more for recreation than
environmental sustainability. Stanley Consultants was retained to assess the data, provide engineering
services and design best management practice to address issues with the silt-filled, stagnant lake.
“This project is a perfect example of our commitment to building a more connected, sustainable and
enriched world,” said Kate Harris, Stanley Consultants President, CEO and Chair of the Board. “We work
closely with our clients to deliver solutions that dramatically improve the environment and positively

impact the communities where we live and work.”


Innovative environmental design features included a unique bio-cell parking lot that captures stormwater
runoff and filters it to a multi-cell bioretention filter, a channel erosion control structure, submerged aquatic
plantings to promote fish habitat and a nutrient reduction and a spillway viewing platform. Crews removed
more than 100,000 cubic yards of silt, deepening the lake, and installed shoreline protection features. An
extensive ADA compliant walkway provides easy access to the fishing pier, spillway viewing platform,

boat ramp and restrooms.


“The Honor Award from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, recognizing
Stanley Consultants for their professional excellence in this project, is well earned and we are proud of
the restoration effort and results,” said Larry Gullet, director of the Johnson County Board of Directors.
“The Johnson County Conservation Board wants to thank the Academy and Stanley Consultants for this

nationally significant award.”


“Kent Park now has the cleanest water in eastern Iowa,” said Gullett.


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