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Stanley Consultants Joins Effort to Tap Power of the Sun in Nevada

October 28, 2021

The Nevada project represents the Stanley Consultants’ emphasis on helping its clients address global
warming and deliver a carbon-free future. As part of its commitment to customers to transform power
generation from carbon-based to renewable energy, Stanley Consultants has already provided 2,950 MW

of solar and storage consulting services.


The Dry Lake facility is one of three recently approved large solar projects that represent NV Energy’s
ongoing commitment to advance renewable energy development and reduce carbon emissions while

keeping customer rates low and maintaining reliability.


The 150 MW Dry Lake solar project will be located 20 miles northeast of Las Vegas in a designated
federal solar energy zone. It includes a battery storage system capable of storing 400 MWh and
delivering 100 MW for a 4-hour period. In Nevada, 150 MW of solar energy would power 24,000 homes

for a year, according to solar industry statistics.


The solar and battery project is being executed as two separate engineer procure construct (EPC)
contracts. Stanley Consultants will assist NV Energy in reviewing the environmental permitting and
photovoltaic and battery storage design, as well as monitoring the project during construction,

commissioning and performance testing.


“We look forward to contributing professional services to NV Energy on this project and building upon our
growing renewable energy practice,” said - Chris DePodesta, renewable energy practice lead for Stanley
Consultants. “Together with our clients we are working towards achieving sustainability, resiliency and

carbon reduction goals using all the technology at our disposal.”


Stanley Consultants has also partnered with two subconsultants: ArcVera Renewables, which will be
providing renewable technology and testing expertise; and BEC Environmental, a Las Vegas firm that will

support the Stanley Consultants environmental team.


In addition to home office support, Stanley Consultants will provide construction management oversight
and onsite support, including commissioning and testing.

About Stanley Consultants

Stanley Consultants provides program management, planning, engineering and environmental services
worldwide. Recognized for its commitment to client service and a passion to make a difference, Stanley
Consultants brings global knowledge, experience and capabilities to serve federal, municipal, utility and
industrial clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Since 1913, Stanley Consultants has
successfully completed more than 50,000 engagements in all 50 states, U.S. territories and in 110
countries, including more than 2,950 MW of solar and energy storage projects. For more information on
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