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Stanley Consultants sponsors global PFAS challenge to protect public health

March 10, 2023

Broomfield – Worldwide consulting engineering firm Stanley Consultants is working with a 600,000 strong solver network to find innovative, cost-effective solutions to remove or destroy per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). 

PFAS are referred to as “forever chemicals” because they are difficult to destroy using conventional methods. Stanley Consultants has multiple clients, the U.S. federal government among them, that are concerned about the health implications of PFAS. Various levels of PFAS have been found in public and private drinking water systems, wastewater treatment systems, surface, and groundwater. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many states have already issued health advisory levels for some PFAS in drinking water. The EPA additionally plans to propose maximum contaminant levels through regulation, leaving thousands of public and private water utilities to potentially seek additional or alternative treatment solutions.

Stanley is partnering with Wazoku to help solve some of the world’s largest and most complex problems, using a combination of Stanley’s expertise and Wazoku’s crowd-sourced problem-solving network and digital platform. As the sponsor of the challenge, Stanley is seeking to find novel treatment or destruction techniques that could be potentially tested and verified in subsequent “reduction to practice” challenges.

“Stanley has been committed to improving lives since 1913 and we are excited to bring together regulators, experts, scientists, technologists and creatives across the world to look for new ways to support and improve public health,” said CEO Kate Harris.

“Current treatment methods are difficult and costly. We believe there are better solutions out there,” said John Guilfoyle, technology and innovation chief for Stanley Consultants. “We're looking for new or modified technologies that could remove or destroy PFAS in ways that meet existing and expected regulatory requirements, are cost-effective, safe and could be incorporated into existing treatment systems.” 

The Stanley Consultants challenge deadline is end of day, March 17, 2023. Already, more than 130 solvers have signed up for the Stanley PFAS challenge. 


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