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Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield


U.S. Army

Project Type:

Engineering & Design


Savannah, Georgia

Man picking up a leaf from a solar panel

About the Project

Airfield strengthens resiliency with smart microgrid

Stanley Consultants is providing 100 percent of the design documents for an 8.3-MW smart microgrid system that will provide energy resilience for at least 14 days to critical missions. Our engineers provided technical specifications, drawings, design analyses, calculations, cost estimates and project information documents, as well as managing a new interconnection agreement with the local utility.

The smart microgrid system will incorporate three 2.8-MW natural gas reciprocating internal combustion engine-driven generators, paralleling switchgear, transformers, protective relays, a shared load bank, 13.8-kV circuit breakers, a SCADA system, automated circuit breakers and microgrid controls to incorporate the natural gas generators into the microgrid. The microgrid control system will automatically integrate and manage generation, loads and the grid equipment within the microgrid to interact with the larger electric utility grid.

By The Numbers

  • 8.3


  • 13.8

    kV Circuit breakers


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