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Heavy Equipment Barge Ramp and Transport

Award Winning Project



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About the Project

Industrial Barge Unloading Facility and Transport

An industrial client requested Stanley Consultants provide all services necessary to safely unload and transport equipment, weighing more than 400 tons, from a river barge. Time was of the essence as the shipment was scheduled to arrive in just four months. The unloading site was an undeveloped riverside embankment between a protected forested wetland and a former ash pond bordering a major river. Stanley Consultants completed the award-winning project within the accelerated schedule, performing feasibility planning and permitting, designing an offloading pad with steel piles and modifications to the ash pond berm. Stanley Consultants identified the route for the equipment to take and designed the necessary route modifications for it to travel, via a self-propelled modular transport, over a levee and through a congested plant before being safely sited in a renovated production facility.

By The Numbers

  • 4,200

    Tons Shipped in Two Deliveries of Equipment


Engineering & Design

Engineering and design services at Stanley Consultants combine our robust technical skills with forward-thinking innovation to deliver the highest-quality results.

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