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SchhrecengostRandy7519.jpgDistrict Cooling Plants Require Careful System Design in High Heat
Randy Schrecengost, P.E, Senior Mechanical Engineer
The Pearl Integrated District Cooling Plant in Qatar, the region's largest chiller plant relies on hydraulic modeling and multiple water sources to ensure service.

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Brad PankowPeer-Reviewed Article: Selecting a Boiler for Heating, Process Loads
Bradley A. Pankow PE, Principal Mechanical Engineer
Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine - 04/22/2015
Boilers for heating and domestic hot water systems are used in many nonresidential buildings and across educational, hospital, and industrial campuses. This article reviews the codes and standards that regulate boiler system specification and design, plus energy efficiency and efficacy of these boiler systems.

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Pure Power Magazine CoverDesigning a CHP Plant, Mark Wagner, P.E.
Pure Power Magazine, Winter 2014 
Combined heat and power (CHP) systems generate both electricity and usable heat. These cogeneration systems are often used on college or industrial campuses and in hospitals.  They offer high-efficiency operation, ease of system maintenance, and sustainable design.
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Consulting-Specifying Engineer, October 2014 CoverSizing, Selecting Pumps and Circulators, Randy Schrecengost, P.E., CEM
Consulting-Specifying Engineer,  October 2014
There are a number of pumps manufactured today that can be used for different applications. The most typical application is circulating and distributing chilled or hot water for a variety of different building or facility load requirements.
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CSE Cover.jpgDesigning Chilled Water Systems, Randy Schrecengost PE
Consulting-Specifying Engineer, September 2014

Typically used for cooling and dehumidifying a building's air, chilled water (CHW) systems circulate it throughout a building or campus complex. CHW systems also may be used for removing process or other heating loads.
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CSE Cover.jpgThe World's Largest CHW Plant: Pearl of Qatar, Randy Schrecengost P.E., CEM
Consulting-Specifying Engineering Magizine, September 2014

The Pearl of Qatar is a 130,000-ton district chilled water (CHW) plant that serves the cooling needs for all buildings on the island.
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CSE-July 2014 Cover.jpgPower for Pumps, Ernest E. Leaf, P.E.
Consulting-Specifying Engineer, July 2014
There are few pieces of equipment in a building more critical than the fire pump. Although it will hopefully never run for its intended purpose, when there is that dreaded fire in a building, the fire pump must work. A failure in the fire pump system endangers people’s lives. 
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Jan-Feb 2014 CSE Cover.jpgNavigating ASME B31, Monte K. Engelkemier, P.E. and Matt Wilkey, P.E.
Consulting-Specifying Engineer, January/February 2014
When designing a pressure piping system, it is typical for the specifying engineer to indicate that system piping shall comply with a section, or sections, of ASME B31 Code for Pressure Piping. How does the engineer properly follow code requirements when designing a piping system?
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IDEA Cover.gifConsolidating Systems for a Greener Future
Brad Pankow, P.E. & Jesse Cabrera, P.E., District Energy Mag., 1st Qtr. 2014
When Trinity University was considering an expansion to their campus, they were prompted to review their aging thermal utility infrastructure.  They hired Stanley Consultants to provide a comprehensive utility master plan that would be closely coordinated with proposed campus expansion and improvements. 
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Joe RubinoIndustrial Boiler MACT - Impact to the Regulated Community 
Joe Rubino, Sr. Project Manager
On April 1, 2013, EPA finalized the Boiler MACT for industrial, commercial and institutional boilers.  In general, owners will need to be in compliance with the new emission limits by January 31, 2016.  With an estimated 14,000 existing units impacted by these rules many owners are evaluating how and when to proceed. 
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Ali MahmoodUnderstanding Retro-Commissioning
Ali Mahmood, P.E., CxA
Retro-commissioning, or RCx, is the practical application of the commissioning process to existing buildings. The goals and objectives for applying the process, as well as the level of effort, will vary depending on the needs of the owner, budget, and condition of the equipment.
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SchhrecengostRandy7519.jpgMany Facets to Chiller Selection
Randy Schrecengost, Sr. Project Manager

An investment in a new chiller is not one that building owners make lightly. Owners typically need and appreciate the guidance of a knowledgeable HVAC contractor when making this purchase as there are a number of factors that go into the selection process, and not all of them are necessarily related to the actual chiller itself.
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