Professional Paper: Industrial Boiler MACT



To Download "Industrial Boiler MACT: Synopsis and Impacts to the Regulated Community," click here.


Rubino_Photo_Large.jpgAbout the Author: Joe Rubino, Environmental Department Manager, Stanley Consultants, Denver.  

Joe has 26 years of technical experience in environmental consulting, private industry and government agencies.  As a senior project manager, Joe's experience includes environmental planning and permitting; and management of air permitting projects for a variety of industry types, such as, power plants, central heating plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, auto assembly, paper mills, building products, and medical facilities.

Rubino has led successful partnerships with clients and regulatory agencies to solve complex permitting projects and obtain critical preconstruction permits for new and existing industrial facilities. This experience includes environmental assessments, compliance auditing, development of environmental management systems, and wastewater/storm water issues.  Recently, Joe was an environmental planner for utility-scale wind farm projects.