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Arizona State University CHP Plant

Stanley Consultants provided design and construction administration services to Arizona Public Energy Services (APSES) for the construction of the CHP plant at Arizona State University's Main Campus.

The chiller system design included 12 electric motor-driven, centrifugal, 2,000-ton chillers and associated variable speed primary chilled water pumps with variable frequency drive control, condenser water pumps with soft-starters, cooling towers with VFD control, and motor-operated valves; piping and ancillary equipment; electrical equipment including 12.47 kV double-ended switchgear, 480V double-ended switchgear with transformers, and 480V motor control centers; distributed control system; and instrumentation and controls to accommodate this system.

The cogeneration system design included two combustion turbine-generator units and two steam turbine-generator units totaling 16 MW with two heat recovery steam generators totaling 160,000 pph at 150 psig.  Each cogeneration included the associated natural gas fuel compressor/conditioning systems, deaerator, steam condenser, boiler feedwater pumps, water treatment systems, 480V motor control centers, distributed control system, and instrumentation and controls to accommodate this system.

The cogeneration system is connected to a 14-position switchgear which serves the following:  two incoming Arizona Public Service feeders, two cogeneration unit feeders, two feeders (one loop) for each pair of AZ Biodesign Buildings (total of six positions), two feeders (one loop) for the ISTB Building/ASU campus, and two CHP feeders.  The cogeneration system reached full synchronization with load transfer in just under ten minutes.

The emergency system included three 4.16 kV, 2,000 kW diesel generators and associated 4.16 kV switchgear, as well as transformer to backfeed the CHP chiller equipment.  Transfer to the emergency system was achieved in less than ten seconds.

The work included supporting APSES in obtaining wastewater discharge, APS electrical interconnection and service agreements, natural gas service agreement, and potable and wastewater connections permits and agreements.  Services included procurement and construction specifications, and construction administration services.

The building mechanical and electrical design and construction administration services were completed under a separate contract with Gould Evans Architecture.  This work included HVAC (and HVAC control), plumbing, and fire protection system design for the general building (e.g., fan coils with chilled water and steam coils), electrical (less than 470V) power system design for the general building design including lighting, emergency lighting, site lighting, convenience power, HVAC equipment connections, fire alarm, communication, and security systems.