Electrical Services Updated While Class Was in Session

Pre-design, design and construction administration – Stanley Consultants was hired by Illinois State University to upgrade existing electrical service to meet growing enrollment’s demand.

In keeping with the Campus Master Plan, Illinois State University officials decided that the existing electrical service to campus buildings needed to be updated, and turned to Stanley Consultants for the solution.

Stanley Consultants met with university officials to determine the scope of the project, and followed through with pre-design, design and construction administration.  Engineers decided that the primary electrical distribution system needed to be increased to 12 kV service.

Designing an underground electrical project can be tricky, particularly on a 146-year old campus.  Dozens of unmarked, unknown utilities may be lurking in the path of the excavator.  Engineers did advance homework to locate old blueprints.  Through careful planning, problem areas were avoided.  The contractor used extreme care when excavating and notified engineers when confronted with potential problems. As a result, no lines were damaged.

The project incorporated the use of three state-of-the-art switches.  These innovative switches feature enhanced safety and minimized outage duration.  A single person can now perform routine operations without handling cable or exposure to voltage.  This switching device provides a convenient means for transferring from one 12 kV power line to another.

The changeover from the existing 4 kV transformer to the two 12 kV transformers was successfully accomplished without power interruptions.  Through the use of generators, campus activities proceeded throughout construction.