Embria Corporate Headquarters and Production Facility Design

Stanley Consultants designed a new facility for Embria Health Services to be a multi-purpose facility to serve as a corporate headquarters, manufacturing plant, product warehouse, and packing gallery.  With the help of a new corporate headquarters, Embria Health Sciences is poised to help fight diseases globally with its dietary supplements.

Diamond V Mills, Inc., the parent company of Embria Health Sciences, contracted with Stanley Consultants to design a safe, clean facility for its newest subsidiary.   Located in the "Biotech Corridor" of Ankeny, Iowa, the $11 million facility functions as a product warehouse, corporate headquarters, packing gallery, and manufacturing plant.

The facility was designed so that the manufacturing process would be kept confidential.  Prospective clients are allowed to see the office and the end result of the manufacturing process but not the manufacturing process, which houses the proprietary processes.

The facility meets a multitude of requirements, including FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices, along with city, county and state regulations.  It is designed with 20 percent contingency, making it especially sturdy and safe.

Stanley Consultants designed the plant with the words "natural, organic and family-friendly" in mind.  Inside, large windows provide natural light.  Earthy colors give employees a feeling of being in affinity with the environment.

Embria Health Sciences plans to offer research and development opportunities for area colleges and universities.  The City of Ankeny hopes to use the company as a showcase to attract new businesses.