Illinois State University South Campus Power Plant

New additions of computers, smart classrooms, offices, research requirements, continuous classroom loads, and increasing enrollment, are requiring extensive renovations to replace/up-grade/improve MEP systems.

Stanley Consultants was hired as Designer of Record for a new state-of-the-art co-generation plant to meet the future cooling and heating needs of ISU's South Campus. This three-phase project addresses immediate needs and expansion considerations for future load requirements.

This project promotes ISU's commitment to Energy Sustainability and is funded through an Energy Performance Contracting Program, which uses the future energy savings from the plant to finance the project.

The intent of the South Campus Power Plant is to house the boilers and chillers that will eventually provide the co-generation requirements of several existing and future buildings on the Illinois State University's South Campus. The chiller plant is the first phase of this project so it was necessary for the designer to include future accommodations for the additional phases.

Although the plant is designed for 5,000 tons of chilled water capacity, the current loads of the campus only require 2,000-ton. This is met through the use of two 1,000-ton electric centrifugal chillers. When demand requires the additional capacity, the plants building and infrastructure is ready to house three additional chillers without additional design implementation. It is also projected that the south campus is going to require additional heated water capacity as it grows. In preparation, Stanley Consultants designed a knockout panel made of steel that is easily removable for future expansion.