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Campus Electrical Distribution System Evaluation & Design

Stanley Consultants provided engineering services to the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) for the evaluation of the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) Campus 15kV Electrical Distribution System in Austin, Texas. The evaluation included the 15kV equipment, cables, and accessories from the Austin Energy utility service through the low voltage terminals of the 14 building service transformers that serve the 29 campus buildings. The project included the following:

  • A project kick-off meeting to fully understand the campus wide upgrade from a 4.16kV primary system to a 12.47kV primary system that was completed over the past several years by multiple general/electrical contractors. This included discussions of the various power, lighting and HVAC equipment anomalies that exist throughout campus.
  • Our site survey included all of the electrical equipment including switchgear, switches, transformers, manholes, 15kV conductors, grounding and protective devices. We prepared an execution and phasing plan for the site survey outages to allow our electrical subcontractor, PQE, to de-energize (and re-energize) the system to inspect the installation of the equipment and manholes which identify numerous locations were the conductor phases were reversed and improper installation has occurred.
  • We completed an equipment inventory and assessment for the switchgear each of the switches, transformers, manholes, and associated 15kV conductors.
  • The development of an electrical one-line diagram to accurately depict the installation and the intricate switching of the system was imperative as there were no record drawings available and none of the equipment or cables were labeled. This led to multiple failures of the 12.47kV system.
  • Stanley Consultants’ findings, as well as the record drawings, and an equipment inventory and assessment of the actual installation was issued in a report.

Upon completion of the report, TFC retained Stanley Consultants to prepare the construction documents to improve the quality of the installation, and provide a safer environment for operating the system to the extent possible without replacing equipment or cable.