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University of Chicago Utility Master Plan

The University of Chicago needed to expand and update its existing utility master plan to address the changing and expanding utility needs of the institution.  Stanley Consultants updated the 2005 plan in the context of a whole-campus utility system (generation, distribution, and usage) for both the short-term needs (5 years), as well as the long-term planning (10 years, 20 years, and more than 30 years). 

During a charrette planning session the goals and parameters of the project were established.  The investigation phase consisted of interviews with university personnel, assessments of utility facilities, and document reviews of the existing campus master plan, utility drawings, rate structures, and other pertinent materials.  Regulatory requirements, including EPA, PD-43 and sustainability issues, were reviewed.  Distribution systems were reviewed and potential corridors identified for extending buried utilities.  Current and future loads were evaluated, along with the ability to meet these loads. 

The university's new utility master plan was developed using the information gathered and evaluated.  Elements of the master plan include:

  • Development of a standard model template for utility service delivery to determine feasibility of future utility projects.
  • Preparation of a composite utility drawing with all utilities.
  • Development, evaluation, and recommendation of options to meet future needs, including an economic analysis of each option based upon net present value.
  • Development of an implementation plan, including costs and schedule.
  • Development of a sustainability plan for utilities and discussion of long-range issues. 

The sustainability plan includes multiple white papers on environmental and sustainability issues.