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Utility Master Planning for Airport Expansion

Stanley Consultants provided planning and engineering services for the utility master plan for the Abu Dhabi International Airport which serves over 9 million passengers annually.

The Abu Dhabi International Airport (ADIA) is located approximately 30 kilometers from the city center of Abu Dhabi.  ADIA is situated on approximately 2,800 acres and served over 9 million passengers in 2008.  Current facilities consist of a passenger terminal complex, aircraft maintenance, general aviation, air cargo, public parking, and leisure and administrative facilities.  Abu Dhabi International Airport is a primary international airport in the region.

Stanley Consultants provided a utility master plan for the infrastructure work which included the overall utility requirements for all facilities required in Planning Activity Level (PAL) 1A (Year 2015), PAL 2 (2025), PAL 3 (2035) and PAL 4/5 (2045). PAL 4/5 is expected to be the ultimate build-out for Abu Dhabi International Airport (ADIA) under current development scenarios.  The utilities complex layouts will encompass and serve all ADIA facilities, all facilities for each PAL, and airside and landside facilities.